God could not wait but sent His Son to save His own creation.
Jesus was born now and God's plan had begun.
Mary and Joseph could not wait for fear of Herod's threats.  They fled from Bethlehem fearing King Herod and his bets.

Herod could not wait to destroy the Newborn King
For he had been told about the child of whom the angels did sing.
Jesus could not wait to teach in the temple as a child.
He had to be about His Father's business eager and with a smile.

The storms had to wait when Jesus commanded them to cease.
They had to obey and obey in heavenly peace.
Death had to wait when Jesus called, "Lazarus come forth!"
The star in the East could not wait to outshine the star in the North.

Jesus carried the weight of the cross Himself to be crucified.
The sun had to wait when the King of Glory died.
The weight of the world hung upon the shoulders of an innocent man.
Three rusty nails held the Savior's weight as His blood dripped upon the sand.

Judas could not wait to betray his beloved friend.
He did not know Jesus was paying the price for all sin.
Judas could not wait but hung himself for he was to blame.
He took thirty pieces of silver and thirty shackles of shame.

The stone was rolled away its weight could not hold the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.
The soldiers guarding could not stay awake but slept with undrawn swords.
Soldiers could not wait to gamble for Jesus' robe with gold.
Little did they know this story would forever be told.

Jesus could not wait to free those held in Satan's chains.
He took the keys of death,  hell and the grave; He forever reigns.
Heaven could not wait to celebrate Jesus' final victory.
Jesus had paid the price as a ransom for you and me.

The world watches and waits to see.
Are you Born Again or will you simply wait and disagree?
Jesus gave His life for you and me, now you hold the key.
Will you wait until it is too late for Jesus to set you free?

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 12-2002
Inspired by The Son

Thank you Sybil!

Ray Boltz, He's Alive