The Rose Still Grows

Beneath a stone wall a tiny fairy rose once grew,
It budded and blossomed but then withered from lack of light.
Though watered and fed by the morning dew,
It lost it's beauty to the darkness of night.

As it struggled to grow its roots became stronger growing tall,
Slowly it grew lofty in height
It kept struggling until it found a tiny crack in the wall
Through which God dispelled a small ray of light

Onward it crept with added vigor and strength.
It knew no fear and it had no pride,
It continued its struggle, a treacherous bodies length
And soon it reached the light on the other side.

The darkness nor the stones could not stop God's light
And the branches soon climbed the wall they once adorned.
Darkness could not destroy the Gardners delight.
Soon it grew stronger with sharp grasping thorns.

Let us pay attention with pen in hand
And take a lesson from this dainty fairy rose.
Let us have faith and take an unyielding stand
With Hope and Light, the rose still grows.

The wind now gently blows it's fragrance far and wide
The rose will blossom as it did years before
Just as it's beauty once adorned the other side,
The Light of the World has freed the Rose once more!

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 2-2003
Saved by the Son

Beautiful! Thank you Sybil!

Thank you Raylene! What a lovely rose!
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