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Behold the baby sleeping in a manger long ago.
Behold Jesus as His Fathers words He so lovingly sowed.
Behold the blind man who sees Jesus his healer with delight
Behold the leper whos hands were cleansed with His glorious light.

Behold the whip that cut His back into.
Behold the cross He carried for you.
Behold the tree that He hung upon.
Oh, Behold the angel who rolled away that awesome stone.

Behold the thunder and the lighting that split heaven's skies.
Behold Jesus as in hell He freed the souls from death's cold ties.
Behold the Risen Savior at the right hand of God today.
Behold the sinless Lamb who for your sins did pay.

Behold the day when the Eastern skies will split once more.
Behold the millions who will be caught away from earth's sinful core.
Behold the marriage supper's table magnificently spread.
Behold the destruction of death and the dead.

Oh! Behold eternity in a mansion made for you.
Behold heaven's gates of pearl guarded by angels tried and true.
Behold the restful beauty and your eternal reward .
Yes! Lift your eyes and Behold, Jesus Christ The Lord!.

Jesus Christ The Lord!

Written by Sybil Shearin
Beholding my Savior!

Thank you Sybil!

Even Then!

Father God,
Hollowed be Your Holy name.
I praise You for You never change.
When I am lonely I know You are close in range.

When I am depressed, taunted by the enemies darts.
Even then I know You are the Master of all hearts.
When my soul is weary and I feel hopeless and lost.
Even then I remember how much my soul once cost.

When I reak with pain and I cannot but call out your name.
Even then I remember what Your Holy Word proclaims.
Father You said "Whosoever calls upon Your name shall be saved."
I am that whosoever Father so upon Your Book of Life my name please engrave.

When I stand at deaths door and my soul is free from this world at last.
Even then will I Your hand hold fast.
Even then when all have left but You.
Even then will I cling forever tried and true.

Even then I choose only You!
Even Then!

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 2-2003
Kept by The Son

He Is Risen!

The soldiers stood guard outside
A huge stone covered the entrance to the tomb.
Jesus had been crucified, a sword finally piercing His side.
The guards were afraid and the darkness began to loom.

Sleep fell upon them by divine appointment.
God had a plan and it would be carried out with precision.
Angels from Gods kingdom had been carefully sent.
Jesus had taken the sins of the world, it was His final decision.

Suddenly the stone was mysteriously rolled away.
Angels drew their swords as Jesus walked out with victory.
This would be the day of all days.
The Son of God was not dead but alive and free.

Women came to anoint with oil as they sometimes did.
The grave clothes were left as if taken off carefully.
The  Roman soldiers had run away and hid.
Jesus had disappeared it was plain to see.

"Why are you looking for the dead, for He is alive the angel said?
Go and tell His friends He is not dead, He has risen!"
"Jesus the Son of God is not dead!"
The tomb is empty and Jesus has gone on a mission.

It wasn't long before Jesus appeared to many people around.
He wanted to be sure the gates holding His children had been unlocked.
The keys had been taken from Lucifer and the people were no longer bound.
Jesus the Savior would not ever be mocked.

He has risen and gone to the Father above.
He paid our sins debt and shed His blood so we might be free.
So listen my friend you have all His love ready and waiting for you.
All you have to do is to invite Him into your heart and you will see!

Jesus the Savior can meet all your needs.
Jesus the Savior is waiting to enter in.
Jesus the Savior still silently pleads.
Jesus the Savior has redeemed us from all sin.

All you have to do is call upon His name.
All you have to do is ask Him to come in.
Jesus the Christ is still the same.
Jesus the Christ has paid for all your sin.

Don't wait until tomorrow or till you grow old.
Today is the day of Salvation the Bible plainly tells.
Your soul is worth more to Jesus than silver or gold.
Don't wait until you hear the screamings coming from the pit called hell.

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 8-2002
Saved by The Son