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Mom, we will miss you always. The whole family loves and grieves for you. The way you made us laugh, all the good times we've had together over the years. All the love and support you've shown through the years. Your words of wisdom, all that you have taught us. May you rest in the arms of Jesus. We will see you in Heaven!

Love Forever,

Lou, Joanie & Christopher
A Mother's Love

I remember as a child sleeping in the arms of my mother.
My ear pressed to hear the beat of her precious heart, one like no other.
Her arms always rocked me and caressed me in the night.
I will never forget feeling so secure wrapped in her arms so tight.

I listened to her whisper her prayers to Jesus softly before sleep.
She always ask God to send His angels and us safely keep.
The prayers I learned came from my Mother's sweet lips.
She carried me for years my legs wrapped around her hips.

My tears would stop with just a gentle kiss and a loving smile.
One touch from her soft hands and I was ready to go another mile.
She taught me how to cook and clean.
She even shared her perfume and lipstick when I was just a teen.
A Mother's Love

I remember the tears that ran down her face.
I recall her amazing grace.
Her work was hard but she kept our household a Christian one.
She was the first one to tell me about Jesus Christ, God's only Son.

Now that she is old and her steps are feeble when she walks.
She still manages to take time out for our little private talks.
There is a big difference in a woman who has a child at birth.
A Mother is an earthen vessel filled with unconditional love,
grace and who walks with Jesus while upon this earth.

I give honor and I salute every Mother of the face of this earth.
I thank God He filled them with His love and His grace.
May they forever hold their babies close and show their undying love.
When their life on earth is over I know they will be safe
in the hands of the Master in heaven above.

© Sybil Shearin, February, 2003
Blessed by The Son

Thank you Sybil!