Thank you Piano Lady for this beautiful award!
Elvis Presley, America The Beautiful
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Knowledge is the key!

Jesus in His Holy word tells us about knowledge and wisdom.
He instills in us what we are and what we must become.
Life holds dreams and visions of what our future might be.
Learning is important and knowledge is the key.
Many men have sailed the great oceans blue.
Others have studied just how to fashion the perfect shoe.
Life was given to us not only to learn but to use what we have learned.
Only then will we have the ability to soar above displaying goals we've earned.
The mind is a powerful thing God has given to us.
We only use a tiny piece of it and the rest just gathers dust.
Choose to make a difference in someone's life along your way.
God will make a difference in yours and with His love He will repay.
So use the talents He has given you and aim for the stars.
People with knowledge and wisdom seldom sit behind prisons bars.
Take the time to do it right!
Aim for heaven in your quest for the light.
Sybil Shearin